We are the first EMERGENCY RESIDENTIAL AIR CONDITIONING RENTAL SERVICE proudly serving the cities Maricopa and Tucson! If you are experiencing an air conditioning outage, and are going to need to wait days before a repair can be made, SPECIALIZED AIR SERVICES is here to take the heat off of you, your family, pets, and most of all your wallet!

We keep you cool and help save you money

Air conditioning when you need it most

During the summer months in Arizona, it is critical to have a functioning air conditioner. When the high temps arrive, air conditioners and the professionals who service them, are pushed to the limits of their endurance. Air conditioning failure during the summer months keeps HVAC businesses thriving, but home owners can often times be left in a situation where their needs cannot always be met in today’s work climate. This can lead to costing home owners numerous unexpected expenses such as hotel fees, gas, convenience, increased food costs, and the comfort of their home.

SPECIALIZED AIR SERVICES provides emergency residential air conditioning rentals to the residents of Maricopa and Tucson that help keep you cool in your moment of crisis. We are not an air conditioning repair company. We are the first residential air conditioning rental service providing emergency response to individuals and families experiencing an air conditioning outage. We provide high efficiency, low noise, portable air conditioning systems to your home that help bring temperatures down like your normal AC unit would. Our units are simple to install and remove. Best of all, the work is handled completely by our technicians so you don’t have anything to sweat. Specialized Air Services aims to keep money in your pocket, and remove the need to relocate. Don’t become an air conditioning refugee, let our portable air conditioning rentals help you stay in your home!


Temperatures can increase by 6 degrees an hour during the summer months in Arizona! Don’t delay in resolving your air conditioning issues. Specialized Air Services can provide immediate relief in your moment of need!


We conveniently provide nightly air conditioning rentals for the residents of Maricopa and Tucson looking for short term relief to their air conditioning problems.


Sometimes we all need a little more coverage and Specialized Air Services understands your needs. Special long term rates are available to Maricopa and Tucson residents who need a little extra time to get things taken care of.

How It Works


Parts shortages, limited technicians, unenthusiastic landlords, and a myriad of other issues can lead to your displacement due to mechanical problems. Don’t let this happen to you! Specialized Air Services is here to assist Maricopa and Tucson residents with their air conditioning needs. We are not an HVAC contractor. We provide emergency A/C for outages until repairs can be made.

our process is simple

Specialized Air Services Helps You Keep Your Cool


Tell us your needs

Our intake specialists will record things such as room size, number of rooms and inhabitants, as well as delivery timeframe to help our installation techs provide you with a solution to fit your needs.


Site Inspection/Installation

Our installation tech will perform a full inspection of the property and assess its cooling needs prior to the installation of any equipment. The technician will then install the desired number of units to to ensure proper cooling of the home is achieved.



Once the necessary repairs have been made to the homeowner’s air conditioning unit, Specialized Air Services will dispatch an installation tech to remove the equipment from the homeowner’s property and discard any waste.

Stay Cool and Stay In your Home

If you are a resident of Maricopa or Tucson, let Specialized Air Services help you with your air conditioning needs today. Reach out for a quote below!